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WEDEX Organosilicon Primer H703

    WEDEX H703 can resist moisture and seal the bottom pores and then use the interface. It's an organic silicon.
    Environmentally friendly emulsion made from modified nano silica and imported acrylic emulsion.
    As the interface between mortar, waterproof coating, powdered putty and water absorbing base layer, it is widely used in autoleveling.
    Tile glue, waterproof film, putty or trowel repair mortar before the construction of the bottom action, the bottom can be concrete blocks,
    Air in the pores of red bricks, gypsum boards, cement fibreboards and wood beds rises, resulting in subsequent surface porosity.
    And avoid the defect of hydration caused by the excessive moisture absorption of functional mortar during construction, It can also be used as temporary surface soaking, which can achieve the effect of antifouling, dustproof and better protection.

Product Description:

WEDEX H703 can resist moisture and seal the bottom pores and then use the interface. It's an organic silicon.

Environmentally friendly emulsion made from modified nano silica and imported acrylic emulsion.

As the interface between mortar, waterproof coating, powdered putty and water absorbing base layer, it is widely used in autoleveling.

Tile glue, waterproof film, putty or trowel repair mortar before the construction of the bottom action, the bottom can be concrete blocks,

Air in the pores of red bricks, gypsum boards, cement fibreboards and wood beds rises, resulting in subsequent surface porosity.

And avoid the defect of hydration caused by the excessive moisture absorption of functional mortar during construction, H703

It can also be used as temporary surface soaking, which can achieve the effect of antifouling, dustproof and better protection.

Preparation for construction bottom:

The grass-roots must be dry, strong and clean, and remove any contaminants that may hinder the subsequent process, such as removal.

Mold, paint, oil, wax, putty, etc.

Site construction:

Remove the container and paint it with paint brush, brush or hair roller.

Generally, it is directly coated on the base surface. When the water absorption of the bottom layer is high, the first time it should be diluted by double water and rolled.

After 120 minutes completely dry, then brush second times to ensure the best interface closure effect.

WEDEX H703 should be covered evenly, and after the construction is dry, it can be continued.

Be careful:

For non absorbent base or smooth and dense base surface, WEDEX H03 waterproofing should be used and suitable.

Use of fine sand (for indoor use only).

After operation, containers and tools can be rinsed clean with water before H703 is dry.

Consumption amount:

The first coating is about 10-13 square meters /kg, and the second coating is about 15-20 square meters /kg.


Dry at 0-430C, unsealed in shady and dry room for 12 months or more, transported and stored in winter

We should pay attention to frost prevention.

If stored in low temperature or high temperature environment, product performance will be reduced. If necessary, please make sure that it is feasible in a small area.

Please consult the technical department of Victoria.

Packing: 5L/20L barreled

Technical data:

Color green

No hand about 30min (glass)

Solid ingredients about 25%

Density 1.02kg/L

VOC content 3g/kg

Limited Warranty: If the following conditions are met, the company guarantees that there will be no quality within one year from the date of use.

Defect. In the event of a claim, Vyas has the right to request the purchase and use of the certificate.

Disclaimer: the essence is guaranteed only effective. Any express or implied warranty beyond the scope of this warranty (including

Model-based or oral warranty is deemed invalid except implied warranty of suitability for specific purposes.

Exclusive Compensation: This Limited Guarantee of Compensation is limited to the defective Vias products, if not yet.

To meet the compensation requirements, Vyas's responsibility is limited to full refund.

Exemption clause: Vyas is not responsible for the construction without following the instructions and standard of Vyas. Due to the knot

Structural displacements, large cracks or cracks caused by other base defects are also not responsible for the scope of operation. vyas

No incidental and indirect compensation is included, including loss of loss caused by purchase or others.

Matters needing attention:

For more safety information, please refer to the product safety instructions.

The construction site is suitable for 5-32 0C.

The difference between construction environment and different types of flour will affect the drying time of the product.

Every time after completion of construction, please use water to clean tools and mechanical equipment.

Avoid contact with the human eye and avoid long-term contact with skin.

Avoid eating and avoiding children's contact.

Vyas products are sold throughout the country.

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Technical documents and product manuals

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